Total Solution
Our capabilities range from CNC milling and lathe to EDM to injection molding. We are experienced in all types of manufacturing as well as the various material properties to ensure the best finish and most efficient manufacturing methods. We are not only familiar with the common materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

In Process Inspection
The majority of products we manufacture for our customers require stringent tolerances that must be met. Inspections are performed while manufacturing to ensure conformance to customer specification while maximizing the yield output. This reduces rejections post shipment which cause frustration, delays, and profit loss.

We maximize our production efficiency by utilizing automation technologies. Products are palletized and machining operations are performed in sequential order without the need for human interaction. This drives down cost and ensures the maximum adherence to customer specifications.

From smaller sub-assemblies to full turnkey projects, we are willing and able to provide assembly services for customers. This eliminates assembly errors by being able to correct non-conformances immediately as they occur. Having over 10 years of experience assembling products for the semiconductor industries allows us to easily provide appropriate solutions to assembly needs. We provide complete performance testing, developing and conducting test programs that verify the performance of the component or system we build for you.